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Luxury train


The Royal Scotsman

The inside of train is traditional Scottish atomosphere.

Only 36 seats.

There are private bathroom and shower in the train.

Going from castles to whiskey brewers.

British Pulmann

Venice Simplon Orient Express

No shower but for 1920s classical style train.

The staffs speak Italian, English, and French.

Golden Eagle Trans Siberian Express

Blue-colored train

El trans cantabrico

"Leon"-"Santiago de Compostera"

you can see beautiful heritage and gulf.

Eastern&Oriental Express

the last carriage is observation carriage.

Nice looking at South East Asia.

Rocky Mountaineer

The Ghan


Thinking the distance, cost performance is very good.

Maharaj Express

This Wifi and RFID key installed high-tech train give

to you Maharaja experience.

Decan Odessay


Palace of Wheels

Indian Pacific

Blue Train


This train has the most laxuary train by Guiness book.

Pride of Africa

Fast Express


Max speed is 571 km/h!

Operating speed is 320 km/h.

Since 2007

ICE Experimental(Germany)

Max is 405 km/h.

Since 1988.

ICE 3(Germany)

Operating high speed is 320 km/h.

Talgo 350(Spain)

Operating high speed is 348 km/h

Siemens Velaro(Germany)

Max is 400 km/h

Operating high speed is 349 km/h.

Red allow(tokyo,japan)

Shinkansen E5(Japan)

Operating high speed is 320 km/h.


Roma to Firenze

360 km/h

Shanghai Maglev Train (Germany)

Operating high speed is 431 km/h!

Test train

Japanese maglev

Max is 581 km/h

Fench TGV

Max is 574.8 km/h

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