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wikimedia foundation

International Crisis Group

Open Society Foundation

George Soros founded this organization.

It made Open Space Initiative for community development in 2013.

Partners in health

Education for America

Big Issue

Medicins sans Frontiers


Since 1942

Quakers made this organization.

Fromer Oxford Committee for Famine Relief

One of the most famous worldwide NGO.

100 km walking event is also famous.

organized by 13 working groups.


Red Cross

The trademark Red Cross and Red Crescent are so famous.

Born in Swiss in 1863.


International Rescue Committee


CARE International

Medecins Sans Frontieres

Danish Refugee Council


Mercy Corps

International Crisis Group

Heifer International

Handicap International

Human Rights Watch

Barefoot College(India)

Transparency International

Water for People

Clinton Health Access Initiative

Save the Children International

Amnesty International

Action Contre la Faim

Harlem Children's Zone

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