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Nederlands Scheepvaart Museum


ship and amazing ship model collection.

the building is old marine logistics department.

Katten Kabinet


World cat items museum

Museum Catharijneconvent


Admission fee: 9 Euro

Catholic Museum

MUseum Huis Lambert van Meerten


Admission fee: 3.5 Euro

Open: 11 to 17

Middle-Modern age tile museum.


Musium of Cacao and Chocolate

At Gland Plus

Musium of Instruments of Music

Rue Montagne de la Cour 2

admission fee: 5 Euro


Musée du Louvre

More than 9 million people come a year.

Centre Pompidou

The building itself is contemporary art.

marcel ducian's fountain is in here.

Centre Pompidou-Metz

Since 2010

Musée d’Orsay

Since 1986

Huge Impressionism collection

Musée de l'Orangerie

Since 1927

familiar with Monet collection

National D'histoire Naturelle Museum

Musée des Arts asiatiques-Guimet

Since 1889

Wide range of Orient & Asian collection


British Museum, London

Since 1759, more than 8 million items with 90 rooms.

(Rosetta Stone, Sutton Hoo Helmet, The Nereid Monument, Colossal Bust of Ramesses 2nd, Human-Headed Bull)

The National Gallery, London

Tate Britain, London

Since 1897

Tate Modern, London

Since 1992

Victoria and Albert Museum, London

South Kensington, Cromwell Road, London

Open 10-17

National Portrait Gallery, London

National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

Natural history Museum

divided from British Museum, it's started the history in 1881.

Science Museum

Huge collection from Steam machines to Appolo 10.

Sherlock Holmes Museum

3 minutes from Baker St. Sta.

Real Dr.Watson waits you.

admission fee is 6 pounds.


Scottish National Gallery

Old Town, Edinburgh

Scottish National Portrait Gallery

New Town, Edinburgh

10Am- 5 PM

Surgeons Hall Museum

In Edinburgh


Medical museum.

Museum of Childhood

Old Town, Edinburgh


A lot of figures wait for you.


Prado Museum

Reina Sofía


Uffizi gallery


Deutsches Museum

Deutsches historisches Museum

Neue Pinakothek

Since 1853 Ludwig 1 found

Alte Pinakothek

Pinakothek der Moderne

Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

rooted in Proissen collection

Senckenberg Muserum

Frankfurt am Mein


huge collection of dinosour and animal skeletons.

Explora Museum

Frankfurt am Mein

11 AM - 6 PM

It gives you to 3D vision experience. creative museum.

Deutsches Film Museum

Frankfurt am Mein

10 AM- 6 PM


Vatican Museums


Acropolis Museum, Athens


Hagia Sophia Museum


Ateneum Museum

about 20,000 items

Post Museum

Arabian museum

Since 1873, many antique chinas.

Design Museum

Huge industrial design collection.

Lenin Museum

Tampere, Finland

Sibelius Museum

Turku, Finland


National gallery

Many Munch's collection

Kon-Tiki Museum

Pacific and Atlantic adventurer Kon Tiki's museum.

Zoological Museum

Munch museum

Not only the works also wide variety of materials.

Film museum

Norsk Folk Museum

Bygdoy,Oslo, Norway

Hansa Union Museum

The museum building itself is Hansa merchant's house.

Bergen, Norway


Vasa museum

You can see the huge battleship Vasa.

Nordiska Museum

Treating with Swedish history and wide range of culture.

Moderun Museum

Prince Jugens Waldemarsudde Museum

Langholmens Prison Museum

Former Prison building.

There is hotel and youth hostel inside.

Longholmens Island, Sweden


National Museum

Huge collection.

The building built for great merchant.

Arsenal Museum

a lot of arms, especially rifle collection is spectacular.

Geological Museum

The treating range is fuel to meteorite.

Arbeit Museum

A rare museum in the world, about labor class life and history.

Freedom Museum

About resistance activity in Denmark when it was WW2

Fyns Kunst Museum

treating with the arts in Fyns district.

Odense, Denmark


Moscow Kremlin Museums

State Hermitage Museum


North America


National Gallery of Canada. Ottawa

Since 1880

Musée d'art contemporain de Montreal

Since 1964

Categorized 8 art zones.


Smithsonian Museums

National Gallery of Art,Washington DC

Mellon founded

Guggenheim Museum, NY

F.L.Wright built the famous building.

Metropolitan Museum of Art,NY

Since 1870

MOMA(Museum of Modern Art), NY

Since 1929

three ladies founded

The Getty, LA

Since 1954

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Art Institute of Chicago

Since 1879

Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum

American Museum of Natural History

The Franklin Institute

Science Museum of Minnesota


National Museum of Anthropology

South Amrica


Gold Museum



National Palace Museum, Taipei


The Museum of Qin Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses (couldn't find Eng page)

Shanghai Museum

Since 1952

pretty large range of Chinese ancient historic collection.

National Art Museum of China(NAMOC). Beijing

Since 1963

Mainly treating modern arts.

National Museum of China. Beijing

Since 1920

Very very huge museum.


Tokyo National Museum

Open: 9-16, Tue.-Sun.

National Museum of Western Art

National Museum of Nature and Science

Miraikan Museum of emerging Science & Innovation


Tuesday is off

Tokyo Toy Museum

10-15:30, Thursday is off.

Gas Museum


Mon. off

Nagoya City Science Museum


Indian Museum, Kolkata

Since 1814

Indian oldest museum.

Huge variety and amount of collection.

National Museum, New Delhi

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