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Bon Marche(7dst, Paris)

Since 1852 the oldedst department store.

Galeries LaFayette(9dst., Paris)

great night view!

Prantemps(9dst. Paris)

Harrods(Nightsbbridge, London)

There is a christmas items store every season.

7 floors

open since 1849

weekday 10-20 , 12-18 at Sunday

Harvey Nichols(Nightsbridge, London)

8 floors

nice food market.


6 floors

Gum Department store(Moscow)

Beautiful light-up at night.


Since 1862 the biggest store in the Northern Europe.

de Byendkorf(Holland)


Since 1879 Metro Group



Macy's (US) Huge chain by R.H.Macy

Barneys NY(US)

Saks 5th Avenue(US)

Nordstrom(Seatle, US)



Davit Jones(Australia)


Shopper's Stop(India)

Asian mall

Manila, Philippines

The largest shopping mall in Asia.

Baguio Central Mall

Baguio, Luzon, Philippines

Abanao Square

Baguio, Luzon, Philippines

SM mall Cebu city

Ayara mall Cebu city

Central Chidlom(Thai)

the oldest department store in Thai.

Keio Hyakkaten(Tokyo, Japan)

Keio rail group department store.

Isetan(Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan)

Matsuzakaya (Nagoya, Japan)

One of oldest department store.

Nagoya Paruco (Nagoya, Japan)

Seibu(Tokyo, Japan)

Seibu rail Group's Department Store.

Mitsukoshi(Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan)

One of oldest fashion store in Japan

Takashimaya(Osaka, Japan)

Old Department store in Japan

Daimaru(Osaka, Japan)

JFront-retailing Group

Beijing Wangfujing Department Store

Beijing Department Store(China)

New World(China)

New Mart(Shen Yang, China)

Lotte(Soul, S.Korea)

Since 1879

greatest store in S.Korea

Hyundai Department store(S.Korea)

Since 1985

No.2 S.Korean biggest store.

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